Here, I must admit that you really impress me, at last here are some people who fast properly. I have noticed several of your friends fasting beneath a scorching heat. This has touched me to observe this obedience that certain people have for their God.

But believe me, we Christians also fast because the Bible speaks to us of this practice. A great difference between the Muslim and the Christian is that, for the Christian, fasting is not an obligation.

Fasting can exist in different ways. I know of those who deprive themselves of a meal once a week, others who fast several days and nights without eating or drinking, yes you have read it correctly, even at night!! Others deprive themselves for a while of certain activities, such as TV, the internet or sport. In the place of these activities, they will spend time in prayer. We believe that fasting provides a spiritual dimension leading to more inspired prayer. It reduces our natural tendency to want to live independently from God.

Jesus (Issa) tells us in the Injeel, in the Gospel of Matthew 17:21, “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.”

At mealtimes, in giving thanks for our food in prayer, we show God that we love him.