Eternal Life

Here is a subject which is rather complex, because in general those who die, well…. it’s not often that they come back to life, or tell us what it was like on the other side “Hi everyone, it was like this, it was like that.” I, personally, don’t know anyone like that.

Heaven or hell?

So, like you Muslims, Christians believe that there are two options:

Heaven or hell, no more, no less!

But it is only here on earth that we can make our choice.

It was since my return to Switzerland, on buying the cartoon strip of the two of us, that I saw the dream that you had, followed by the research into the reply to your question: “Will I go to heaven?”

Inshallah  “Yes” or Inshallah “No” ?

During my time with you, I met several Muslims who were exemplary in practising their religion, but who unfortunately had absolutely no assurance of going to heaven. All of them said, “Inshallah, (if God wills), I’ll go to heaven.

Inshallah   YES !

So here is how the Bible is a message of hope, in which we believe:

The message of the Bible, in which we believe, is full of hope.

  1. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. They lived close to God. Unfortunately following their disobedience, this harmonious relationship which they had with God came to an end. They found themselves separated from God.
  2. And it is because of this disobedience that we have “inherited” this sinful nature. Therefore we are sinners, you, me, your brother, my sister, my parents….everyone has sinned, because we are sinners.
  3. God is holy, just and without sin.
  4. Because of this difference, a relationship is impossible. We are therefore separated from God, separated from his presence.

Question :Is this really what God wanted?
Creating us to be separated from him really doesn’t make sense, does it?

  1. God therefore wanted to come to the aid of sinful man in order to re-establish the communication between himself and man. It is for this reason that he sent a person without sin to the earth, someone who brings with him the perfect image and gift of God to men.
  2. This sinless person lived a perfect life on earth and “took all the sins of humanity upon himself,” dying in your place, in mine and in the place of all those who will one day face death. Remember the story of Abraham who was prepared to sacrifice his son. Then as he lifted his knife God said to him, “Stop!!! See the ram! There is a ram caught in the thicket near you. Sacrifice it in the place of your son.”
  3. “IN THE PLACE OF”: In the same way that the ram died in the place of Abraham’s son, the one who God sent died in our place on the cross. This person is Jesus, Issa.

But wait, the story doesn’t end there, because that would be too easy for it to end in death. Three days later, Jesus was raised. He conquered death.

  1. So, thanks to Jesus, I know that I shall live with God. Because he looks on me as though I am without sin from the moment when I accepted Jesus into my life. So I am SAVED!! Not saved “inchallah.” If God wills, but saved with a “YES,” I shall go to heaven.
  2. Too easy, you might say? Yes, one could say that, or rather say “it is by Grace”, a gift. I have absolutely no merit. But, because one day I said “Yes” to Jesus, I said to him: “Come into my life, forgive my sin, I believe that you died for me.” I can say, that from that day I took my first step into “eternity”.
  3. Then, can you do as you like? Commit whatever stupidities you want to, then ask for forgiveness and start all over again? I know that many think that of certain Christians. The death of Jesus on the cross does not make us perfect people, without sin. However, this grace launches us in a life of holiness and love, in the truth. This necessitates a work in one’s personal life, love in action, a progression, in order each day to become more like Jesus, who, having lived a perfect life, is our model. In this path, there are days when we stumble, or fall, but the important thing is to want to pick yourself up, to have an attitude of repentance and the Lord helps us. I love God and my desire is to please him. I do not do it out of a sense of obligation, timidity or fear, but because I love him.


Question :Does Grace disturb me?
When I receive a gift, must I repay the one who has offered it?